Military OneSource Tax Assistance

January 18, 2017|Posted in: Finances, Military OneSource

You could pay for financial counseling, tax consultations or tax software, but why?

Military OneSource offers free tax consultation and electronic filing to eligible service and family members.

Military OneSource offers valuable tools and information to ease your tax-time worries.

Check out the free tax software or assistance here! 


Free tax preparation and filing services for eligible service members and their families to complete and electronically file their federal and up to three state tax returns with the support and experience of tax experts

Specialized support from a Military OneSource tax consultant, helping service members and their families understand the unique tax requirements related to military personnel, maximize their refunds and complete the proper tax forms

Assistance with finding Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program locations where participants can self-file using Military OneSource, sit down with a trained tax professional and have their taxes completed, or drop off their tax forms and return at a designated time to complete the filing

Helpful articles on the Military OneSource Personal Financial Management and Taxes page, such as “Tax Filing Made Simple” “Filing Taxes When a Service Member Is Deployed” and “11 Tips for Making the Most of Your Tax Refund”

Financial counseling, and tax consultation services, available in person or over the phone, to help with financial issues, such as budgeting, money management and debt consolidation, as well as education on how to maximize your refund by using it wisely

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