Veterans Can Now Schedule VA Appointments Online

April 20, 2017|Posted in: Government Resource, Health


New Online Appointment Scheduling Service Integrated with My HealtheVet

Have you heard the good news? Veterans in many parts of the country are now able to use the new App to request or schedule certain appointments online. VAR is a new web application that is also accessible via smartphones, tablets and desktops. More than 60 VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) have started using VAR, and more are coming online every few weeks. Visit the VA App Store at: and see where VAR is available.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a Veteran who receives VA health care, where the VAR App is live, you will be able to:

  • View or Cancel existing clinic appointments
  • Make requests for help scheduling primary care and mental health appointments at facilities where you receive care
  • Self-schedule primary care appointments with your assigned primary care provider
  • VAR is going to make scheduling appointments easier and more accessible for Veterans. Here is everything you need to know before you access the app.

Click HERE to be rerouted to this site.

What is VAR?

VAR is a web-based app that works on any compatible web browser, whether on your desktop or mobile device.

How do you use VAR?

To use VAR, visit the VA App Store at: .  The link also includes a user manual, quick start guide and answers to frequently asked questions to assist you with how to use the app on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

What’s required to use VAR?

You must have a DS Logon Level 2 – Premium account to use VAR.

If you need help getting an account, please call the VA Mobile Solutions Help Desk at 1-877-470-5947 or visit the DS Logon “My Access Center” website. Click HERE to be rerouted to this website.

What else can VAR help you do?

You can use VAR to view all of your upcoming appointments any time of day. You can also cancel most currently scheduled appointments, including all appointments made through the app. VAR only allows new appointment requests at this time. To make changes to a primary care or mental health appointment, you should first cancel the existing appointment, and then use the VAR App to either schedule or request a new one. Any updated information in your schedule will appear both in the VAR App and in My HealtheVet .

When will VAR be available everywhere?

Over the next few months, VAR will be made available to many more Veterans who receive VA health care. Go to the VA App Store. Click HERE to be rerouted and see if VAR is currently available at your VAMC.