Return to Work Inc. FREE Employment Services

June 1, 2017|Posted in: Employment

Return to Work, Inc. provides free employment services to all military service members and their spouses at Military & Veteran Employment Expos (MVEE), and career counseling services to Americans with disabilities interested in returning to the workforce.

R2W clients receive support from our caring professionals and volunteers through innovative evaluation, training, and placement services. R2W incorporates advanced technologies, methodologies, and a highly accurate online evaluation process to assist clients with finding the jobs they enjoy doing most.

Applicants — sign up quickly free of charge to begin working with a personal R2W career counselor.

Employers — quickly post jobs and find out about our free Employer Services.

Volunteers — signup for something truly meaningful.

Donors – this wouldn’t be possible without you – THANK YOU!

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**This is not an endorsement but an item of general interest to members of the CONG**