Events at Mt. Carmel for the month of July!

July 11, 2017|Posted in: Uncategorized

*       Box Catering Lunch @ Mt. Carmel –Join us for a catered monthly lunch.  This month’s menu is Red Leg Poached Bratwurst!  $12 a plate. 1. Red Leg Poached and Grilled Bratwurst – Nuff Said…2. Calico Beans – My take on baked beans. I soak Frijoles Negros (Black Beans), Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans in a Cumin/Salt Brine for 24 hours and then add Applewood Bacon, Ground Sausage, 90/10 Ground Chuck, Brown Sugar and a few signature spices and slow cook the mixture for 6 hours….3. Summer Cucumber Salad – A simple mix of Cucumbers, Onions, Cherub Tomatoes, Vinegar, Sugar and a few signature spices that make one of the best refreshing salads you have ever had. 4. Guinness Brined Mustard – My own spicy mustard concoction that makes any Brat scream in pleasure!  July 20th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.

*       Quilts of Valor monthly meeting as well as a monthly quilt awarding ceremony!  Join us for the first ceremony on July 11 from 10 am – 11 amFlyer attached.

*       Mt. Carmel Health & Wellness Fair – Join us for our Health & Wellness Fair with over 30 tables of community partners. Flyer attached.

*       “CIVVIES” is Open!“Civvies” is a unique boutique in the Atrium of Mt. Carmel that provides our guests with affordable professional and business attire before they interview, begin a new job or if they want to enhance their professional wardrobe.  With our successful Veteran and Family employment programs, we have observed that the expense of a new professional wardrobe can be daunting.  Mt. Carmel wants to ease that burden for our Clients and give them the opportunity to begin their new job with confidence.  Thank you to our Discover Goodwill partners for helping us make this wonderful clothing option available to you.  Monetary donations are suggested. Open weekdays 8 am – 5 pm.  Mt. Carmel cannot accept clothing donations; however, donations can be dropped off and processed through any Goodwill donation center. Flyer Attached.

Please check out our July calendar for all the classes offered by our partners at Mt. Carmel or visit our website or like us on Facebook.