Building Healthy Relationships: Addressing Unresolved Anger Discussion

August 24, 2017|Posted in: Community Resource, Resilience, Training

September 20, 2017 – 12-1 pm MST

Facilitated by: Sophia Tailor, PhD, LPCMH

Military OneSource is pleased to offer dynamic group discussions where you can see, text and chat with licensed counselors and a small group of other service members and their families online.

Did you know that anger and the way it is expressed is a language unto itself? Just as pain or a fever may indicate an injury or an illness, anger is your body’s signal that something is wrong. Join us for a discussion where we will explore triggers for anger and how unmet needs can result in unresolved anger and a cycle of conflict. We will also explore positive ways to manage and resolve anger.

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About the presenter 

Sophia Tailor, PhD, LPCMH is a licensed professional counselor. She is a clinical quality auditor with the Military One Source program and is a proud veteran of the United States Navy. Dr. Tailor has provided counseling services to children and adults in residential, community, and academic settings