Equifax Security Breach

September 12, 2017|Posted in: Public Announcements

Although the recent Equifax Security Breach was not specific to the Military/DoD, many of our Service Members and Families are part of the 143 million Americans who have been affected. Unlike other data breaches, those affected may not even know they are customers of the company. Equifax is one of three nationwide credit-reporting agencies that track and rate the financial history of consumers. This breach uncovered personal information such names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, credit card numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

Equifax is offering free credit file monitoring and identity theft protection for a year. Visit www.equifaxsecurity2017.com and click on Potential Impact to see if you’ve been affected.

Also, be aware of phishing emails from those pretending to be Equifax in an attempt to sell products or gain information. Be careful when opening emails and/or clicking on links, graphics, or photos within these phishing emails.