National Guard Volunteer Awards FY17

October 11, 2017|Posted in: Community Resource

You still have time to nominate a deserving volunteer for this year’s FY2017 National Guard Family Programs Volunteer Awards. Nominations close at 11:59pm, 15 October 2017. An overview of the awards and award process is provided in the FY2017 National Guard Volunteer Awards Booklet:

There are a total of seven (7) award categories. There are five (5) award categories for individual volunteers; one award category for each an Army and an Air Guard family; and one (1) award category for public/community organizations. Each award category has a separate survey form to complete. Gain quick access to nomination forms by utilizing the links below. There’s
no need to logon to JSS to access links.

Here are the links to each NG Volunteer Awards Nomination Form and a short description:

National Guard Family of the Year Award: Http://
Presented to one Army Guard and one Air Guard Family (consists of 2 or more immediate family members) that shows outstanding and exceptional service to the Family Program during FY2017 as a collective.

Gold Award: Http:// Presented to an adult volunteer showing long-term, consistent, and dedicated support to volunteering with the Family Program and within their community. Award is for service that covers the statutory volunteer’s lifetime

Extra Mile Award: Http:// Presented to one Army Guard and one Air Guard retiree who distinguishes themselves with outstanding and exceptional service to the Family Program by continuing to servethe National Guard through their volunteer efforts during FY2017.

Youth Volunteer Award: Caution-Http://
Presented to a National Guard youth (15-17 years old) volunteer who exhibits exemplary commitment to and support of the National Guard Family Program and/or Youth Program, their school, and community during FY2017.

Youth Development Volunteer Award: Http://
Presented to an adult volunteer who has made a significant impact in the development and support of the Youth Program during FY2017.

Regional Volunteer of the Year Award: Http://
Presented to one adult volunteer from each of the ten (10) regions who shows outstanding and exceptional service tothe Family Program during FY2017.

Family Program Community Purple Award: Http://
Presented to a community group, organization, or business that best exemplifies the true meaning of the “purple” concept within the National Guard Family Program by working with and/or supporting both Army and Air Guard activities, Service members, and/or families during FY2017.

If you know a deserving volunteer, please nominate them. Just remember to be eligible for these awards, the volunteer must be a statutory volunteer (executed a DD Form 2793, Volunteer Agreement) with the National Guard and must support the National Guard’s Child and Youth Services and Family Programs. Award winners will be published in around the January 2018
timeframe. We look forward to recognizing our outstanding volunteers.

Also, please remember to ensure a blind nomination process,please only list volunteer nomination name in the name block. Elsewhere on the nomination form, please use “he/she or volunteer”, not their name.

If you have any questions, please contact POC below via email.

Outreach Program Specialist
Family Program, J1
National Guard Bureau
111 South George Mason Drive
AHS Bldg 2 (NGB-J1-FP)
Arlington, Virginia 22204