Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being Twitter Chat – 22Feb18

February 21, 2018|Posted in: Health

Give an Hour and Change Direction will be hosting a series of twitter chats to start an online conversation about our Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being tool. We invite you to participate in our first chat of the series on Twitter, February 22nd at 11am at Our partner, Guard your Health @ARNGHealth, will be co-hosting with us to discuss the first step in maintaining healthy habits: Take Care or Taking Care of You.

What are the Healthy Habits?

Healthy Emotional Well-being is a DAILY practice. Our lives are filled with tasks to complete, work to be performed, loved ones to care for and relationships to attend to. The best way to maintain your emotional health is to tune in to what is good for YOUR mental wellbeing. This may differ for each individual, but the focus should be on paying attention to what works for you!

Take Care:

We don’t often think about how important these basic activities are for our mental health – but they are critical.  Prepare your meals, or small snacks so you can remember to provide nutrition to your body throughout the day, set an alarm or create a routine to ensure you provide your body with enough rest to recharge. Set a small goal to be active, even 5-10 minutes of walking a day will improve your health and emotional wellbeing.

Stay tuned for future twitter chats on the other Healthy Habits

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