Free Gym Memberships for Veterans – Lift for the 22

March 28, 2018|Posted in: Health, Resilience, Sports Activities

3 gyms in Colorado are currently participating in Lift for the 22:

CO Springs Fit Quest

Racks and Roses Kinetic Training Systems in Lakewood

Golden Fights MMA Gym in Grand Junction

Lift For The 22 is an organization designed to provide free one year gym memberships to the veteran community in order to reduce veteran suicide. By partnering with fitness facilities across the country who donate gym memberships to Lift For The 22, our program can redistribute thousands of gym memberships to the veteran community every year. More gyms = more memberships available. Lift For The 22 aims to provide fitness as a new transitional tool for the veteran community.

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Right Off The Bat

We place veterans from any era into one of our partnered gyms with a free gym membership.

Where Is This Available?

Please to see if we have a gym near you. We have partnered with over 200 gyms in the country.

Improve Transition

Our goal is to provide fitness as a service for veterans upon transition from military life. We believe that providing a free gym membership allows the veteran to have an outlet during one of the most stressful times of a service member’s life – Transition.


Long term, Lift For The 22 aims to form fitness support networks in gyms across the nation, where veterans can work out and network with one another in a place of positivity.

Always Progressing

Keep pressing forward towards new goals, achieving in the gym results in achieving in your life.

Live Life Strong

Our program began as, and maintained a core mission, of veteran suicide awareness and prevention. This will never change.