Military Families Learning Network Offers Educational Webinars

March 14, 2018|Posted in: Education, Health, Resilience

Webinars are available for a multitude of topics concerning military families: protecting children, managing finances, breaking down barriers to seeking treatment for mental health, and many more!

Polishing Our Protective Shields: Exploring Ways to Protect Children From Violence

March 22, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST


Getting to Know You: Introducing Personal Finance Managers and Cooperative Extension to Each Other        

March 27, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST


The Low FOCMPA Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: From Evidence to Practice

March 29, 2018; 11am-12pm EST


Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Military Families

April 17, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EDT


Staying Strong by Seeking Help: Barriers and Facilitators to Military Mental Health Treatment-Seeking

April 19, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST


Physical Activity Across the Lifespan for Individuals with Disabilities

April 25, 2018; 11am-12pm EST


Gender and Finance

May 1, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST


All Hands on Deck: Developing Culturally Alert Communications In Relationships

May 24, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST


PF VLE: Understanding Your Clients Relationship with Money

June 5, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST


Family Finances Series: Separation & Single Parenting in the Military

July 24, 2018; 11am-12:30pm EST