Apprenticeships Available with the Veteran Careers Program

April 26, 2018|Posted in: Education, Employment, Training

Jaguar Land Rover has some exceptional job opportunities/training programs for military veterans. Opportunities include an offer full-time employment, free world-class training, and $5,500 worth of tools to help veterans get started in their new career. Upon completion of the training program, candidates receive their Level 2 Technician Certification, allowing them to rapidly advance in their automotive career. In addition, the VA has approved this program as a Registered Apprenticeship, so qualified veterans can use a portion of their GI Bill benefits to receive BAH during their first year of employment (this is optional and the training program is free regardless).

For the Veteran Careers Program, Jaguar Land Rover primarily recruits former military vehicle and aircraft technicians (mechanics, electricians, etc.), but they have also placed non-technical veterans that have some kind of previous experience with automotive hobbies.

Interested candidates can reach out to Andrew Phillips (contact info below) directly or apply directly

With questions, please contact Andrew Phillips:

Andrew Phillips

Recruiting Manager – Western Region

Jaguar Land Rover Veteran Careers Program


Cell: 832.247.2802

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