National Guard Transition Survey

June 13, 2018|Posted in: Uncategorized

Have you recently transitioned out of the National Guard? If so, we need your help!

Please complete this brief survey at your earliest convenience:

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on the Transition Assistance Programming (TAP) experience of National Guard members.

Information collected from this survey will be used to determine:

a) if the current mandatory and non-mandatory TAP training components completed during demobilization/deactivation meet the needs of National Guard service members, especially those who have deployed and transitioned multiple times; and,

b) if TAP training positively impacts your knowledge of benefits, and supports your employment, education, career and/or entrepreneurship goals AFTER transition occurs.

This information will assist the National Guard Office of Warrior Support in making recommendations to Congress for a National Guard and/or Reserve Component specific TAP process that meets the unique needs of the National Guard.

The survey can be completed on any device with access to the internet (including cell phones) and takes only a few minutes. Firewalls/certain browsers may block access to the survey requiring participants to cut and paste the link into different browsers or complete off site.

Again, the survey link can be accessed here:

Thank you for your help with this important work!

Have questions? Contact Amy Eagen:

Amy Eagen
Colorado Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) Skyline Ultd Inc., Contractor

Office  (720) 250-1173
Cell      (307) 421-5834