DoD Changes Post-9/11 GI Bill Transfer Requirements

July 27, 2018|Posted in: Education


– Must Be Eligible to Serve Four Years. Service members must be eligible to be retained for four years from the date of their election to transfer benefits and not be precluded from serving for four more years prior to approval of their election by policy or statute.

– Force Shaping Definition Expanded.  The definition of “force shaping” is expanded to expressly include officers involuntarily separated as a result of being twice passed over for promotion, and enlisted personnel who were involuntarily separated as a result of failure to meet minimum retention standards, or because of a change in these policies.

– Deletes Ten Year Service Exception.   Previously, service members with ten years of service could transfer their Post-9/11 benefit without serving four years, if they were prevented by policy or statue from doing so. Now such members must be eligible to serve an additional four years when they elect to transfer educational benefits.


– Sixteen Year Service Limitation Imposed. Eligibility to transfer Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits will be limited to service members with at least six years, but not more than 16 years, of total creditable service.

– Waiting Period for Boards. Service members who have not applied for TEB, who are on limited duty or involved in a Medical Evaluation Board, Physical Evaluation Board, or Disability Evaluation System process must wait until the board process is complete before applying for TEB.

POC for this announcement is Mary Lantz,, 720-250-1338