Nominations Needed for Exceptional Contributors to Family Readiness

September 6, 2018|Posted in: Military Appreciation

We need your help! Nominations are needed for those who’ve made exceptional contributions to Family Readiness in the CO Army National Guard this past year.

Complete the survey by October 15 for your nominations to be considered: As an incentive to participate, anyone making a nomination will be entered to win a $25 Walmart gift card.

Each year, Commanders, Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leaders, 1SGs/CSMs, Military Points of Contact (MPOCs), and Family Readiness Groups are nominated for their stellar performance and the impact they have on the overall Family Readiness of a unit.

Please fill out this survey to nominate your support structure for one or more of these awards. Self-nominations are not accepted; however, you may nominate a different area of your FRG (for example: a Commander could nominate a 1SG or FRG Leader).

One award will be given in each category:

— Commander

— FRG Leader


— Military Point of Contact (MPOC)

— Family Readiness Group

The categories will be judged according to the impact of the summary provided for each individual. The summary must address how the individual or group made a significant impact, contribution to the well-being or readiness of a Family or Service Member, or the overall Family Readiness of a unit. In order to be ‘significant’, the contribution must go beyond what is normally expected. Were FRG meetings advertised throughout the year, FRG quarterly newsletters published, Family Days planned, and/or activities planned to increase the morale of the company, including Families? If you have questions, please contact your Family Readiness Support Assistant. One nomination can be made per category.