Adopt-a-Family Donation Page


Now is your chance to Adopt a Family this holiday season! Once you register, you will be matched with a Guard Family and receive information on their needs, wishes, and interests. You can then go shopping for that family’s holiday gifts!


October 1:  Registration Begins

October 19-November 21:  Ongoing Match-Up Process; you will be notified by email once you/your family is matched

November 16:  Registration Closes for recipients

November 27th-December 1st: Donors will be contacted by Family Program staff to schedule a drop-off date and time

December 11-14: Drop off your items at your scheduled time at the Family Program Centennial Office or Northern Colorado Springs Readiness Center.


The purpose of the Adopt-a-Family program is to provide dedicated holiday support to Service Members and their families in need during the month of December. All faiths and religions are invited to participate! The Adopt-a-Family program matches Service Members and their Families’ needs to those members of the military and community that would like to provide individualized support. The type of support provided is specific to the individuals who have registered. For example, those that register for the Adopt-a-Family can specify that they need sweatshirts, size L, in dark colors. The Adopt-a-Family program works very well for individuals with specific needs, or with Families that have children who will receive no other holiday gifts. All Colorado National Guard Service Members, Air and Army, are invited to register to be ‘adopted’ through the program!

Who Can Apply?

Every Colorado National Guard Air and Army Service Member is invited to apply, whether they are a single Service Member or have a family of 8. Marital status, number of children, and religion are not limiting factors. Some donors are looking to adopt larger families and some are looking to adopt smaller families. As Family Program Staff, we do our best to match donors with the ideal family.

The Match-Up Process

After you register, the information you provided will be used by staff to find a family that best fits your intended support. Your personal information will not be shared with the adopted family and their personal information will not be shared with you. However, you will receive the genders, ages, needs, and wants for everyone in the adopted family.

This year, the Match-Up Process is occurring on a bi-weekly basis. This will allow for the Match-Up Process to occur as quickly as possible so that you will know early in the holiday season the details of your adopted family.

Setting Up a Drop-Off Date

During the week of November 27th – December 1st, you can expect a phone call from the Family Program Staff Member that will be manning the drop-off site that you selected. During this time, you can work together to set a firm date and time to drop off your items. Please do not wrap any of the gifts. Family Program Staff will be responsible for inspecting the items and ensuring the safety of all Families involved in the program. If the resources and time are available, the Family Program Staff will wrap presents before the ‘adopted’ families pick up the items.

***Please make sure to keep the staff member informed if you are unable to make your drop-off time. Staff members may not be able to stay after the allotted time.***

Please note that if you are accessing the donation registration from a government computer, you may need to refresh the screen if you receive a message that the page cannot be displayed. Thank you!