The Family Program Office and associated offices can provide a large array of counseling on a variety of topics. Some offices offer broad counseling while others provide very specific counseling. Please see below for a list of the many ways that counseling is offered. Please remember that the Family Assistance Specialist team can also connect you to counseling in your local community in the subject area of your choosing. All services provided by the Family Program and associated offices are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to Service Members and eligible supporters. In some cases written records are not even kept! Please call and take advantage of the services available to you!


Military OneSource

With deployments, frequent moves and a fast-paced and often dangerous work environment, some Service Members and Families feel the stress and strain of military life and the unique challenges it presents. Military OneSource provides a variety of counseling services on a myriad of subjects. Eligible individuals can receive up to 12 confidential, non-medical counseling sessions on each subject that is identified as an issue. This can be completed face-to-face, online or over the phone. In addition to non-medical counseling, specialty counseling is also provided on a variety of subjects including:

    • Adoption
    • Adult Disability Care
    • Education
    • Elder Care
    • Health and Wellness Coaching
    • Special Needs
    • Wounded Warrior
    • Financial Counseling
    • Spouse Education and Career Opportunity (SECO) Counseling

To find out more about addressing these challenges through the wide range of counseling options available to you and your family, click here.

Military OneSource also has a variety of products that you can download or order (for free) that apply to the topic of counseling. To see what might be beneficial to your own, individual situation, click here!


Survivor Counseling

For those family members that have lost a loved one in service to the United States, the Survivor Outreach Services office is here for you. Providing counseling and services for as long as the family desires, survivors are welcome to the close-knit support that this office can provide. For more information, click here to visit the Survivor Outreach Services page.


Veteran Crisis Line

Service Members and Families can call, chat or text the Veteran Crisis Line for confidential help. Contact them today. Click here to visit their website for more information.


Family Assistance Teams

Don’t forget! There are dedicated teams here to provide you with expert guidance on this subject. By calling the team that assists your branch of service, you will receive personalized care and assistance. They will walk with you from start to finish and through each step of the process. Contact them today!

    • For Air Service Members, click here to visit the Airman & Family Readiness Program team page.
    • For Army Service Members, click here to visit the Family Assistance Specialist team page.
    • For all other branches, contact the Family Assistance Coordinator by clicking here.