To top off the challenges that Service Members face throughout their military career, National Guard Service Members face the additional challenge of obtaining, maintaining, and succeeding in the civilian workforce! This can be a challenge, but the management of a successful and fulfilling civilian career is a large portion of Service Member readiness. There are a variety of resources available to Service Members and eligible Family Members to assist you in finding that career match. Additionally, there are services that will help you to maintain that career and successfully navigate the work transition between your civilian and military career. Please see below for a variety of resources.


**Special Note** Air Guard Members

If you are an Airman or a spouse of an Airman and you are unemployed, please contact the Airman & Family Readiness Program Manager, Michelle Abarca, at 720-847-9116.


Employment Transition Coordinator – Colorado

Two Employment Specialists are available to assist Service Members and Families find employment. They can help with the job search, military skill translation, resume writing, interview strategies, and more:

Laura Farlett – 720-250-2185 or laura.d.farlett.ctr@mail.mil

Lance Christensen – 710-250-1431 or lance.e.christensen.ctr@mail.mil


Military OneSource

Military OneSource can assist Colorado National Guard Service Members in their search for employment!  There is a wealth of information, knowledge and resources available to you on Military OneSource to help you in your search and/or in your career development. Visit Military OneSource today and view the myriad of topics under the Education & Employment link. Click here to visit Military OneSource now!

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities

Do you want a career that you can carry with you? Whether you are just starting your education, trying to advance in your career, or looking for that next great career opportunity, the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program can help you search for information on portable careers, get you started on your education, finalize that perfect resume, or assist you with your career planning. Use Military OneSource resources, tools, and articles to help you get started! For more information, click here!

Military Spouse Employment Partnership Career Portal


Family Assistance Teams

Don’t forget! There are dedicated teams here to provide you with expert guidance on this subject. By calling the team that assists your branch of service, you will receive personalized care and assistance. They will walk with you from start to finish and through each step of the process. Contact them today!

    • For Air Service Members, click here to visit the Airman & Family Readiness Program team page.
    • For Army Service Members, click here to visit the Family Assistance Specialist team page.
    • For all other branches, contact the Family Assistance Coordinator by clicking here.


Sites to Begin Your Employment Search

The following list is by no means a complete list of all the available employment search websites that are available, but it is a good start! Click on the buttons below to be redirected to external employment search sites. Please note that these sites are not affiliated nor controlled by the Colorado National Guard Family Program. Please fully explore each site to make sure it meets your needs.