Preparing for a Natural Disaster

The zombies will go straight to your neighbor if you’ve got even half of what’s on this list.


A large part of being prepared for a natural disaster is simply having a plan and then preparing materials to meet that plan. Every person’s and every Family’s plan will be unique due to your unique life situation. Take a moment and think about how complicated your every-day life could be if it was interrupted and you did not have access to stores and/or had limited supplies. Think about how that would affect (just to name a few):

      • Medications
      • Pets
      • Children
      • Babies (as they need special supplies)
      • Travel
      • Medical Emergencies
      • Communication


Preparing a Kit

Check out what these sites have to say about preparing a disaster kit:

Military OneSource: Preparing Your Disaster Kit

Military OneSource: What to Have on Hand for Emergencies Build a Kit Emergency Preparedness and Response

Preparing a Plan

View these sites that outline creating plans in preparedness for an emergency:

Military OneSource: Creating A Family Emergency Plan Make a Plan Make a Plan Preparing for an Emergency


Sites on Preparedness

The Family Program website it not an all-inclusive site that can help you prepare for emergencies. Being properly prepared does take personal effort to search out information that applies to you and your Family and to the situations that are most likely to occur in your area. We encourage each of your to start searching out information today. To get you started, we have listed some great sites below that can help you learn more about being prepared for natural and non-natural disasters. – Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. (



National Weather Service – Weather Safety (



Preparing for Specific Natural Disasters

There are some considerations that should be taken into account for specific natural disasters. For some natural disasters, the way that you prepare your home and the land around your home can make a difference in the amount of damage your home experiences. For other natural disasters, knowing how to respond in a (very) quick manner may make the difference between life and death. Take a look at these links below for those natural disasters most likely to affect you and how you can mitigate them:



This is just a sampling of all the great articles that are available to you on the Military OneSource website. Visit them today to see a much more complete listing of all the articles that are available! Military OneSource also has products that you can order (for free) or that are downloadable that pertain to the topic of ‘disaster resources’. To see what is available, click here.

Got a Resource?

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