Training Opportunities

Life is an educational event. As human beings, we never stop learning! We are always encountering new situations that we need information on in order to successfully navigate the issue. Throughout the year, there are a multitude of training opportunities provided by the Family Program Offices to the Service Members and Families of the Colorado National Guard.

Listed below are some of the offices that routinely hold training sessions and some of the courses that are available by contacting members of the Family Program Office. The main point of contact for the targeted course is listed in case you want to contact them to be personally informed on what training events are coming up.

Other ways to stay informed of upcoming training opportunities are to connect to the Family Program Office through one of the following ways: this website, Twitter, or Facebook. To see more information on how to connect to these sources, please navigate here. Additionally, if you are on your FRSA (for those not deployed), FAS (deployed), or AFRP (Air) team’s email distribution list, you will receive the information through their weekly email. In order to receive the weekly email, the Service Member has to list your email address on the Family Profile form.  If you are not sure if you are on a mailing list, please contact Lisa Cooley at 720-250-1192.

Family Readiness Support Assistance (FRSA) Team – Army

The FRSA team provides quarterly training opportunities to the military and civilian staff of the Family Readiness Group. Some of these trainings are advertised to the entire Colorado National Guard team, along with their Families. Trainings that are relevant to the entire Colorado National Guard Family will be posted through normal Family Program communication channels.

Family Program Brief

The Family Program Brief is offered annually to each Service Member and their Family, usually at the summer or winter Family Day. This is only one of the many reasons that you should attend your Unit’s Family Day! Look for information on your Family Day through your Family Readiness Group newsletter or through your Service Member’s Unit Drill Letter.

We are also in the process of developing a DVD version of the Family Program brief. You will see snippets from this brief posted throughout this website. Check back often!

Military OneSource

The Colorado National Guard Family Program Military OneSource liason conducts training on pertinent information that Military OneSource can offer the Service Member and his/her family. These trainings are conducted on-line and are advertised through normal Family Program communication channels.

Master Resilience Training

The Master Resilience Training course is open to Service Members of the Colorado National Guard. For more information on the requirements to attend this training or to talk to the training coordinator, please visit the Resilience Team page by clicking here.

Family and Individual Resilience Training

How do you cope? Resilience is the ability to cope with stressors and changes that life can present, in a healthy and productive way. The Family Assistance Specialist Team has certified Master Resilience Trainers on staff to provide individual and group training  upon request.  The Family Resilience curriculum will teach you to identify challenges and how to deal with them in a healthy and productive way. This course would be a great course to offer through your Family Readiness Group! For your Family Resilience training needs, please contact the Army Family Assistance Specialist Team by clicking here.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

The ASIST course is a specialized training that provides Service Members with the skills and abilities to identify the warning signs of suicide and how to interact and care for those who may be thinking about suicide. For more information on when the courses are held and how to become involved, please contact the Resilience Team page by clicking here.

Family Assistance Teams

Don’t forget! There are dedicated teams here to provide you with expert guidance on this subject. By calling the team that assists your branch of service, you will receive personalized care and assistance. They will walk with you from start to finish and through each step of the process. Contact them today!

  • For Air Service Members, click here to visit the Airman & Family Readiness Program team page.
  • For Army Service Members, click here to visit the Family Assistance Specialist team page.
  • For all other branches, contact the Family Assistance Coordinator by clicking here.