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The Airman & Family Readiness Program has several ways to get connected and stay informed on events, programs, contact information, and general information for Airmen and their Families.

Cougar Tales
UntitledLooking for upcoming events, drill information, important reminders, resources, and more?

Visit the 140th Wing Cougar Tales Page

Wingman Project

Wingman Project 2

Created in 2007 to assist all Airmen and their families in suicide intervention, this program consists of training and outreach products including a mobile app for Android and iPhone.

For more information on the Wingman Project, contact the Wing Director of Psychological Health, Virginia Howard, at 720-847-9438 or

Have you downloaded the Wingman Toolkit smartphone app?  The app has the following features:

    • Resilience and fitness trackers
    • Workout reminders
    • Quizzes to evaluate listening & interpersonal communication
    • Meditation and relaxation exercises
    • Tools to help stop smoking and count one’s blessings
    • Resources & links to immediate help for a Wingman in need
    • Available for iPhone and Android devices

*Go to for more details*

Airman & Family Readiness Program Director
Michelle Abarca
Office: 720-847-9116



Hello! My name is Michelle Abarca and I am the spouse of a retired Air National Guard Service Member. Before becoming the Airman and Family Readiness Program Manager for the 140th Air National Guard, I spent 2 years supporting our Air Guard members as the Yellow Ribbon Specialist, and 1 ½ years as a Key Volunteer. Prior to working with the Air Guard families, I spent 4 years working with the Army National Guard as a Family Assistant Specialist. I am very well versed in the stressors that can come to a family when a loved one is deployed. My goal is to provide all of our families with the tools and resources needed to feel prepared for deployments as well as day to day interaction with the military.