Family Readiness Support Assistant Team

Family Readiness Support Assistants are a consistent Family Readiness asset to Commanders during all phases of the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle (pre-alert, alert/pre-deployment, deployment, post-deployment, reintegration, and reconstitution).


Family Readiness Support Trainer
Michelle Dwyer
Colorado Springs, CO
Office: 720-250-3895

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Michelle Dwyer have been involved with the military as a spouse, volunteer and a Colorado National Guard Contractor for the last 25 years. She was a member of the Colorado National Guard Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) team for 3 years. Michelle is currently the Family Readiness Support Services Trainer for the State of Colorado. She has specialized training as a Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Resilience Master Trainer  and has completed the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) class.

“Nothing is more rewarding than being on the first line of support for our Service Members and their Families before, during and after a deployment in support of our State and Nation. I love supporting our Service Members and Families in a way that allows them to confidently prepare for the mission. My goal as a Trainer is to increase the state of preparedness of Service Members and their Families through proactive education and enhance individual and family well-being and readiness.” – Michelle Dwyer, 2014

Family Readiness Support Assistant
Alannah Rice
Buckley Air Force Base
169th FiB/AVN/ SF
Office: 720-250-1962






Alannah Rice has previous experience with the Family Program Office having worked as a Yellow Ribbon Child and Youth Specialist. She has been with the Family Readiness Support Team for three years. She has specialized training as a Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Resilience Trainer Assistant and has completed the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) course.

“I serve the CONG Service Members and their Families because I like to give back. I enjoy my job because it is great working with Commanders by ensuring an important aspect of readiness with taking care of the families’ basic needs. I want to enhance the FRG and companies throughout the state with the initiative of bringing the community to the unit by giving them the tools to stay self-sufficient.” – Alannah Rice, 2014

Family Readiness Support Assistant
Kelly Garcia
Chestnut Armory


Family Readiness Support Assistant
Nena Gardner
Denver Armory
89th TC/Space/Infantry BN/SF/JFHQ
Office: 720-250-2772




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