Suicide: Identifying the Warning Signs

Click here to go directly to the Suicide Prevention Coordinator page.

If you or someone you know are preparing to commit suicide or are currently suicidal, call 911

After calling 911, and while waiting for assistance, call the Veteran Crisis Line and press ‘1’ for services that are specific to Service Members. This line is available for Service Members, the Families/Supporters of Service Members and for those concerned about a Service Member.



You can also text for support by sending a text message to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at


You can find out more information on the Veteran Crisis Line by visiting their website. You can also chat online confidentially with the Veterans Crisis Line LIVE Veterans Chat.

Visit the Veterans Crisis Line Website


Additional materials available on the Veteran’s Crisis Line:

Identify the Warning Signs

Take a Self-Check Quiz