Post-Deployment Events

Post-Deployment: Once the Service Member returns home, there are two events offered to assist the Service Member and his/her Family during the readjustment to the updated lifestyle, the 30-day event and the 60-day event.


30-Day Post Event

This event is scheduled approximately 30 days after the return of the Unit and is intended for the both the Service Member and their Family to attend. It is an eight-hour offsite event.

This is a great opportunity for the Service Members to socialize after being apart for 30 days. It allows the Commander to be with the Service Members and to assist him/her in evaluating how they are doing physically and emotionally. Soldiers and Family Members are encourages to take advantage of the situation to seek information you need as this is a great event for Service Members and Families to ask questions of the briefers, whether in the small-class setting or to schedule a one-on-one follow-up.

The classes that are generally offered include:

  • TRICARE (medical/dental/vision)
  • VA Benefits
  • Education Benefits
  • Financial Planning

Usually there is also a combined session that focuses on:

  • Depression
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Domestic Violence

There will be static displays available from the vendors and community partners. Depending on the needs of the Unit, there may also be a job-fair to assist Service Members in seeking full-time employment. Childcare is available.


60-Day Post Event

Although the ‘R&R’ in this event stands for ‘Reunion and Reintegration’, the 60 Day Post Event is always a hit! This event runs usually over an entire weekend, approximately 60 days after the Service Member has returned home. It is intended for both the Service Member and their Family to attend.

This event is a wonderful break for the Service Members and their Families to reconnect in a relaxed environment. Friday night is registration and family time. Saturday morning the children/youth are dropped-off to start programs designed specifically for them. Starting Saturday morning, the adults attend briefs that include:

  • Veterans’ Benefits
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Single Service Member Reintegration challenges
  • Group break-outs with counselors to compare the challenges of reintegration

Saturday afternoon is spent in a reintegration activity followed by family/personal time. Saturday evening, there is an adult-only Freedom Salute dinner. The children/youth enjoy a fun night with the childcare providers.

Sunday begins with a breakfast, child/youth drop-off and an optional chapel service. This is followed by a short set of briefs that include:

  • Vendor Panel
  • Travel Vouchers
  • Program Overview

Once the children/youth are picked up from childcare, a Youth Hero Salute ceremony is conducted. During this ceremony, the Service Member presents his/her child(ren) with a commemorative medal for the youth’s service during the deployment.

Throughout the weekend informative display tables are available. Additionally, there will be Counselors and Chaplains available for consultation.


90 Day Post Event

A Soldier only event, held at the Unit’s Armory. The main focus of this event is the post-deployment health reassessment. This is the time that any Soldier should identify any physical or mental issues that have arisen since leaving for deployment.