Pre-Deployment Events

The pre-deployment event is a one-day, off-site event for the Service Member and their Family. This event focuses on getting the Service Members and their Families emotionally and physically prepared for the deployment. Family members are introduced to their Family Assistance Specialist (FAS) and are then introduced to the resources they have available to them while their Service Member is deployed. Children ages 6 and up participate in activities that are centered around coping with the deployment of a Family Member. Childcare is provided for those children under the age of 6.



The topics that are generally covered include but are not limited to:

  • Effective Communication
  • How to stay close while apart (married Service Members)/How NOT to marry a jerk/jerkette (single Service Members)
  • Child and Youth Preparation for deployment
  • Youth Programs
  • Public Affairs
  • JAG/Legal Affairs
  • Red Cross
  • Financial Planning
  • TRICARE (medical/dental/vision)
  • Employment Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
  • Casualty Notification
  • Vet Center
  • Military OneSource

Static table displays are available throughout the event so that you and your family can speak directly with service providers, government and community programs. You can see a list of vendors that have participated in previous events here.


One-on-One Assistance

Additionally, private rooms will be available to you to have consultations with the Military Family Life Consultants for one-on-one counseling.


Child(ren)/Youth Attendance

It is encouraged for your children/teens to attend this event! Childcare will be provided so that you can attend the days’ events and focus on the materials provided.  While you are receiving information, they will get to meet and interact with peers that will be going through some of the same challenges that they will soon be facing. It is a benefit for your children/teens to attend the event as programs are incorporated into their day that will help them to process and cope with the upcoming deployment.