Chaplain Corps

The Mission of the COANG Chaplain Corps:

Provide religious support to the Colorado Army National Guard (Soldiers, Family & Contractors) across the full spectrum of domestic and contingency operations. We do this by assisting the Commander in ensuring the right to free exercise of religion and by providing spiritual, moral and ethical leadership for the Colorado Army National Guard. We will accomplish this by nurturing the living, comforting the wounded and honoring the dead.

How the Full-Time Chaplain Team Can Assist You:

Whether you need help finding the right counselor, are walking through a difficult time financially, or just want to find out about the resources available to you as a member of the Colorado National Guard Family, you have come to the right place. Your Chaplains are here to help you connect with the appropriate resources and to work hand-in-hand with our great team at the State Family Program Office to help you successfully navigate the amazing challenges of life and the great adventures of serving our nation as a member of the Colorado National Guard. Some of the services the Chaplains provide include

  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Grief and Loss Counseling
  • A listening ear in support of the ups and downs of life
  • Referral to programs in support of specific needs
  • Being a point of contact for direct connection to your Brigade or Battalion Chaplain
  • Information on the Strong Bonds Program
  • Community requests for support (see below)

Who Does the Full-Time Chaplain Staff Support?

  • AGR and ADOS Service Members
  • Technicians and Contractors of the Colorado National Guard
  • M-Day Service Members
  • Families of the Service Members
  • Community Members when approved (see below)

 Community Support:

The full-time state Chaplains are frequently requested to support events in the community such as ceremonies, public dedications, and presiding over services. The Chaplain Team is honored to do so, but they may only assist requests that are routed through the proper channels. To begin the process, the requesting party must fill out DD Form 2536. This form must then be submitted to the Colorado National Guard Public Affairs Office. The on-call PAO can be reached at 720-250-1053 or emailed at

 StrongBonds Events: Please click here to be directed to the dedicated Strong Bonds page!

CONG Full-Time Chaplain Team

ChapNagelState Chaplain & Full-Time Support Chaplain
Chaplain (MAJ) David A. Nagel