Suicide Prevention Program

The Suicide Prevention Program is here to provide you with information on suicide prevention, along with tips and techniques to control the stressors in your or your loved one’s life so that suicide does not occur. The program can also provide you referrals to establish a continuum of care through community resources. The main focus of the program is to provide resources and tools that you can utilize in your daily life.

You Are Not Alone.

Find resources for you and your family below.

Substance Use Protocol for Command

Suicidal Risk Protocol

Colorado Suicide Prevention Resources Directory

Rocky Mountain Crisis Services

Rocky Mountain Crisis Services is Colorado’s 24/7, free resource for any mental health and substance abuse issue. Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners operates the Colorado Crisis Support Line, provides an extensive Program Services Directory, and offers LiveConnect Services. Every call to the Colorado Crisis Support Line is answered by a mental health professionalEvery caller gets immediate, expert, crisis care. 

“We do not want to lose one more person to the tragedy of suicide, gun violence, substance abuse or mental illness,” Hickenlooper said. “Colorado made an unwavering commitment to redesign and strengthen our mental health service support system and this is a critical step. The statewide hotline increases access to care for anyone in need and will help safeguard our residents, our families and our communities.”

-Governor John Hickenlooper


Education on Methods for Stress Reduction

See the list below for a sampling of the ways that the Suicide Prevention Coordinator can work with you to help create environments in your life that reduce the impacts of stress on your person.

  • Tips on how to create a less-stressful environment
  • Tips on creating an environment conducive to emotional wellness
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Techniques in daily positive affirmations
  • Other evidence-based techniques and coping skills

Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator

Sarah Whitenight
Suicide Prevention Program Manager, Contractor
CONG Family Program Office
Office: 720-250-1522