An Easy Way to Get People to See Your LinkedIn Recommendations

Did you know?

Unless employers or customers are your 1st or 2nd degree connection or have paid for a premium account, they can’t see your full profile … or all of the splendid written LinkedIn recommendations that you’ve racked up.

To fix that limitation, send them your LinkedIn recommendations as a document. It’s easy to do and so effective.

Simply copy your LinkedIn recommendations into a Word document and format it to look clean and easy to read. Add a nice headline and perhaps your picture. Consider saving it as an easy-to-read pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file. And voila! You have an impressive document that you can use to …

  • Attach to emails when you are applying for jobs or convincing a prospect that they should do business with you.
  • Upload the document to online job application systems (aka Application Tracking Systems) when the system asks if you would like to upload documents in addition to your resume.
  • Include the sheet in a portfolio that you present at job interviews.

Need more LinkedIn recommendations to make this work?

Encourage your 1st degree LinkedIn connections to write a recommendation for you by scrolling to the Recommendations section of your Edit Profile page and clicking “Ask to be recommended”.  Follow the prompts to invite select people to recommend you. Only ask people to recommend who you know well enough to vouch for you.

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To help people write recommendations about you, give them a general idea about what you would like them to say, or send them your resume and/or the job description from the job that they are recommending you for.

Seek to have at least two recommendations for each of your current and past companies because that’s how many can appear on your profile without visitors having to click to view more.

Recommend others! To encourage people to make recommendations about you, make thoughtful recommendations about them first. Many people will gladly return the favor.