Ideas for Running a Fundraising Gift Shop

Raising money for your local charity, school or other nonprofit organization can be a challenge and become stressful, if you don’t know what you’re really doing.

However it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you take time planning then it can actually be much easier.

One way of raising money is to open a fundraising gift shop, this is a good all year round solution to raising money on a regular basis.

Whereas fundraising events are typically one off events that last only a short amount of time, a fundraising gift shop will make plenty of money for your charity all year round. Normally you will only be able to justify opening a gift shop if you are raising funds for a large charity, however with the right connections it might also be suitable for smaller charities.

Running a fundraising gift shop can be a major challenge, especially if you know nothing about running a shop however it can also generate considerable amounts of money if done properly.

When choosing the location for your gift shop it is important to think about the amount of passing traffic, these are your potential customers and are important to your success.

Also think about where you will get your products from. You might want to sell new products, or you might like to sell second hand products.

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Getting hold of second hand products is easier than you might imagine, people will donate items to you if they think that you are a worthy cause.

Having a fundraising gift shop can also be very beneficial to help you build a brand image for your charity; this will increase the awareness of your charity. Selling products in a gift shop is a really good way of raising money to support your charity.

However it is very important that you spend time planning the gift shop carefully as it is a long term project, and any mistakes could be very damaging to the success of your donations.

These gift shop can be very rewarding, however remember that there will be many costs associated with running these shops that need to be correctly identified.

Where Is the Really Big Money?

Did you know that big football clubs aren’t really about the game at all? More money is made from the sale of clothing, advertising and memorabilia than from the game itself?!

So, if you need to raise money to support a team or school, setting up a gift shop with clothing, jewellery and products with their logo and name on can be a good way to raise money.

In particular, during the weeks and days leading up to a big event, such as a match or end of school year, sales may rocket up!

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School – Class of 2009/ 2010

Whether it’s your high school prom or graduation, there’s plenty of gifts – including golden volunteer pins, No 1 Teacher pin, graduation pins, Class of ’10 Necklace, Class of ’10 bracelet, class of ’10 lanyard. So, get in the school spirit and celebrate your identity!

Graduation Time

This is a time when people are celebrating and wanting to hold on to special memories.

A range of graduation gifts for your fundraiser – golden pens, golden key rings, graduation cap pin, Class of ’11 necklace, bracelets & lanyards.

Volunteers Rewards

Say thank you to all those that have given their time and energy for free. Find special gifts for your volunteers – appreciation pins, volunteer angel pin, volunteer apple pin & golden volunteer pins.