5 Must-have Job Apps to Speed up Your Career Search

Timing is everything when it comes to searching for a new job. There are a lot of job opportunities and much of the work is finding them when they’re available.

Thanks to the Internet, your window of opportunity has grown exponentially. And, now with apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet, you can more easily come across the right jobs at the right time.

These five apps can help you network and find and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere.


With CardDrop, you can share a digital business card with anyone, giving them all your necessary contact information in their mobile phones.

Now, the risk of them losing your physical card can be avoided. Additionally, your phone’s GPS pinpoints your location once you’ve dropped your business card into the app. Other users can then pick up your card where you dropped it, or they can visit CardDrop’s website to leave a name and address for a meeting spot.

You also can pick up and leave contact information for people you have not met and connect you to contacts through social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter.


LunchMeet is a free networking app to help you set up a meeting with potential employers. It is great for those who aren’t as comfortable reaching out to others to set up a meeting.

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The app, which is inspired by Keith Ferrazzi’s book Never Eat Alone, allows you to search and set up a location and available time to meet with others in the same area to discuss a job opportunity. The app also comes with a messaging feature to allow you to message a meeting arrangement.

Hidden Jobs

The great thing about the Internet is you have an unlimited number of job opportunities to hunt down at the tip of your fingers. But, the downsides are that many job opportunities are unadvertised or you may not be able to find them, meaning you could miss the job you’re looking for. Luckily, the Hidden Jobs app can help you track close to 2 million unadvertised jobs from businesses that are just opening or expanding.

Through this app you receive job opportunities that are announced in newspapers, magazines and press releases that don’t necessarily make it to the digital realm. If you’re looking to cover all avenues in your job hunt, this app is essential.


LinkedIn created the app Intro to make it easier to view employee and employer information through your smartphone. With a LinkedIn account, job seekers and employers can easily check out profiles.

In addition, you can add a button in your email messages that provides your LinkedIn profile for you to connect.

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Once you click on the button, a more detailed digital resume of the sender is featured, providing information like what company he or she works for, job title, previous work experience and education. It automatically connects with iPhone’s built-in Mail app, but it also can work with AOL mail, Yahoo mail, iCloud, Live Casino, Gmail and Google Apps.


With so many job search platforms to hit—such as LinkUp, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and SimplyHired—it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to monitor several job boards. The Hire-A-Droid app, however, gathers opportunities from each of those platforms and presents them to you in one format. Hire-A-Droid allows you to store prior job queries and create keywords that can be turned into a sort of job agent for you. You also can inform others of hiring opportunities you come across through Twitter and submit your resume to the app.