Raising Funds for My Church

Churches need money in order to survive; it’s just a fact of life!

Our church is no different; it’s a very old building which must cost a fortune to maintain. We recently had a hole develop in the church which was disastrous for the whole congregation.

There was actually some good news however, the hole caused the entire congregation to work together to come up with ways to raise money to repair the church roof. One really good thing about fundraising for your church is the number of people that are involved.

Our congregation is quite large, which makes it quite easy to raise money. There are a lot of different types of people attending church, some people with their own business for example. This made thinking of fundraising activities much easier.

One lady owned a dog grooming business so she offered to groom dogs for the church group; we had the bright idea of turning it into an event just for pets. Not only would we offer dog grooming, but we would also have a pet show, and even dog training sessions if we could find anyone to do them.

Finding a dog trainer willing to give up some of their time for a good cause wasn’t actually as difficult as we first thought. Although there aren’t any dog trainers in our small town we wrote to a large company about it and they offered to provide their services for free so that they could get some promotion out of it. Charity brings out the best in people, but they do like to get something in return!

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Totobet SGP held that event which was a huge success; we managed to raise a lot of money however we still needed much more. To raise this we decided to rely on the more conventional ways of raising money. We held a bake sale, and a rummage sale.

We actually held both of these events together and turned it into something that the whole community would like. Not only did we sell cakes and second hand products, but we also sold plants and had activities for the kids such as face painting.

This actually took more organization, but it wasn’t as complicated as first time around. It can be great fun to raise money for your church, and as we found it can be good fun too. A church never stops needing money which is why we raise money all year round for our church, we have a dedicated team (the congregation) continually thinking of new ideas to raise some extra money for the church. Collections on Sundays just aren’t enough anymore, if you want to see your church survive then you need to do something quickly!

Fundraising for your church can actually be great fun, and very enjoyable. Just make sure that you think of everything bad that could potentially happen so that all of your bases are covered. Fundraising events can get extremely complicated, especially when in our case they relied on so many different people.

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