Small School Fundraising Ideas

Living in a small town is wonderful, everybody clubs together when they need to and there is a real sense of community.

Recently our local school wanted to raise some extra money to purchase new computers, I’m sure you know that computers don’t come cheap, so we had a lot of work to do!

We spent some time discussing the different types of events that we could do, which took up quite a lot of time! We decided to keep a list of possible activities, obvious things like bake sales, and rummage sales were on the list but also much more obscure things such as dog washes!

It’s good to have a team to decide exactly what to do to raise money for your church because you will then have other people to talk to about your chosen choices. Raising money can be very difficult, and so a team can really help you out when you need it the most!

We all liked the ideas of the bake sales and rummage sales because they are tried and tested ways to raise money, however one of the younger parents suggested dog washes and someone else suggested a rubber duck race.

Dog washes seemed like a fantastic idea, especially when we thought about selling treats and toys at the same event.

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Rubber duck racing took a bit more convincing; however I was finally won round! It’s actually where you put loads of rubber ducks with numbers on them into a stream; the first one will win the race! The person that sponsored that duck will win a prize, which makes it very exciting and interesting.

Having decided the sorts of events that we wanted to run we then had to spend some time thinking about the prizes we could offer. We didn’t really want to buy prizes because then it would come out of the funds that we raise. Instead we came up with the bright idea of asking local companies for donations.

I’m sure this has been done before, but I think it’s a really good idea. Local companies and sometimes even big companies will be willing to donate products to your cause because they get publicity out of it. You can say that the prizes were sponsored by the name of the company. You don’t even have to ask for products to be donated, services are just as good. If you know someone that does golf lessons, or has a restaurant then you could award those as prizes, that’s what we did!

Once we had the events and prizes prepared we then waited patiently for the big day, finally it came, and the whole vent was a huge success! We managed to make $2000 in just one day, while that’s not a huge amount of money it will go nicely towards the schools computers! Being a parent is fun, and being involved in your children’s education is even more fun, why don’t you try to get involved in your schools fundraising activities?

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