Easy & Effective Student Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for a good cause with a bunch of students should always be a fun and enjoyable student fundraising idea!

The more fun you have, the more money you’re likely to raise – just as the more people you have, the easier it will be to hit your target quickly.

Being smart also comes into it – you don’t want to put in a whole bunch of hard work, for a small reward.

For example here is a great student fundraising idea, why not ask your local store to donate refreshments, ask family to bring in home baked cakes, and sell the results at a coffee morning, a perfect idea if your target is under $500.

If you need to raise several thousand dollars, you’ll need to put together a team, develop a plan and set mini-targets to break down your big goal into several smaller ones.

Don’t forget that if your project is educational, social, historical – it may qualify for government grants or other funding from Trusts and Foundations, so take time to research what may be available in your area.

RAG week – Raising Money for Charity in the UK

This is a time honored way for students to raise money for charity while having outrageous fun!

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This typically is one week of the academic year, where students get involved in fundraising events which are a little more crazy than the norm – after all, “rag” means ” display of noisy disorderly conduct”!

The events may well be co-ordinated by a team from the Student Union, who may also be involved in creating the annual rag mag, full of humour and student stories.

Here’s a few ideas of events that have been run by UK universities:-

  • “Jailbreaks” – the aim to get as far as you can from the start and back again, without any funds
  • Bed Runs with hospital beds
  • Sponsored extreme events – such as parachute jumps and abseiling
  • Bar Crawls & Pub Quizzes
  • Pram races in fancy dress

For further info & ideas, check out UKRag.net

Fraternity & Sorority fundraising event ideas

Here’s a few ideas of events which can help you raise funds:-

  • Bake sale – sell homemade cakes and refreshments
  • Bowling Competition – get chapters and groups together for an exciting evenints bowling competition
  • Chocolate – who doesn’t love candy? Selling items such as the One Dollar Bar can give you good profits, with low outlay
  • Cook Books – create your own serious or funny cookbook, print or photocopy and sell
  • No Come No Event event – just like it says. Publicise, sell tickets to an event that will never happen. Get creative about the name, the details and don’t forget to give prizes to those who sell the most tickets.Trying finding a sorority member that doesn’t love pizza!
  • Pizza is an easy way to make quick cash. Team up with your local pizza parlour and arrange to get a percentage of your profits for one night on everything your students order
  • Yard sale – end of term or semester there’s so much stuff that people simply can’t carry home, have a yard sale and make money from those unwanted items
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For further ideas, check out Campus Fundraisers on our Resources page below.

Ideas for student council fundraisers

If you’ve been asked to help with funding, don’t spend too long wondering how to raise money for a student council, just check out some of the forums and websites which

Don’t forget that any involvement you have in organisation and volunteering in this way can be added to your c.v. when it’s time to apply for jobs – showing that you’re someone with skills who gets involved in their community!