Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

Businesses can no longer neglect the opportunity presented by the social media. While forming a marketing strategy for social media one should not neglect Instagram. Instagram is a very popular mobile app (for Android and iOS), though it is not the only effective tool for social marketing, it is hard to ignore as it has more than 100 million users and growing. There are several ways a business can make use of Instagram like branding, promotions and driving traffic for online business. This article will provide you with some key tips to make use of Instagram to promote your business.

Creating the Right Hashtag

The first step in building a loyal following for your business in Instagram is through creating your own unique hashtag. Once you have your hashtag, it is important to promote it to your audience, you can do that by posting it in all your instagram uploads as well as your other social network accounts. Instagram will provide you information on the followers who actively post your hashtags. You can use that info to engage with your loyal followers, this will encourage other users to post using your hastags for getting recognized.

Geo-Tagging Of Photos

Geo-Tagging of images on Instagram will help your business for better geographic targeting. Geo-tagging will let your followers to view the location of your business and will also provide them with more information. Geo-Tagging greatly helps businesses like retail store, hotels, restaurants, gyms and clubs. Whenever you geo-tag images users who also geo-tag the same location will be able to see the image that you uploaded and this will help your business in getting more followers.

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Employee Posts

It is always good to encourage your employees to post images through your Instagram business account. This will result in a wider range of visual content and in addition to that your followers will appreciate the gesture. However before letting your employees post images from the business account, it is important to frame a set of rules and guidelines for posting.

Connect All The Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing is complex and is interdependent. It is important to sync all the social media accounts to your Instagram. Whenever you post an image in Instagram it will show up in your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest and so on. This will result in additional traffic and also helps in increasing the follower count.

At the end of the day your Instagram marketing success and reputation depends on the number of followers your have. It might take a long time for small businesses to gather huge following, however there are certain online service providers from who can provide you with active Instagram followers.