Top YouTube Marketing Strategies

Unlike other marketing campaigns YouTube marketing is cheaper and more efficient. YouTube is currently at number 3 among the top ranked websites based on volume of traffic, so it has the potential to send in huge traffic to every niche. All you need is some imagination and a web cam; some marketers even create videos from articles. Uploading a video to Youtube is just the beginning of video marketing, as there is no point in uploading a video if the video is not receiving any traffic. The following strategies will help you to become a successful YouTube marketer.

1. Make Use of Video Analytics

The first step in becoming a successful YouTube marketer is understanding the traffic. You can do that by using YouTube video analytics for your videos. The video analytics presents you with a detailed analysis of your video traffic. You can even download advanced reports that can be imported into Excel. It provides you with all the details like world views from YouTube Insight, world referrers, and video demographics, hence it is very easy to figure out your viewer” age, gender, geographical location. This information is important to target the right audience. It is completely free and you can access it by clicking the little graph button near the number of video views for any of your videos.

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2. Provide Appropriate Tags

Tags are the keywords that you provide while uploading your videos. It is an essential part of optimizing a video for particular keywords to maximize the traffic. While choosing the tags, make sure to use the right keywords that are relevant and frequently searched in YouTube. You can come up with the right tags by searching within YouTube for your topic and pick those keywords suggested by YouTube while typing in the search box.

3. Provide Appropriate Title

It is important to use the right keywords in the title, as that helps in SEO. Do a proper keyword analysis before finalizing on your title.

4. Social Signals

Share your videos in other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also prompt your visitors to click the share button and share your videos. Good number of social shares will help SEO and you can rank easily if you have good number of shares.

5. Proper Description

Give a complete and relevant description, this will help you in ranking the video. You can also upload a transcript along with your YouTube video. This transcript will be indexed both by Google and YouTube.

6. Promote Your Videos

YouTube’s Promoted Videos can help you in getting more viewers, subscribers and attract new customers. This is an easy way to show your videos to prospective customers, however this is costly and the cost is based on the keywords and bids. The other solution is to Buy YouTube Views from trusted service providers as this will be far cheaper and will help in ranking your website.

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